Day 4 Sucked and Rudy is Stubborn, Stubborn Boy

So, I thought I would blog every day while training, but so far that hasn’t happened.  First, I wrote up the second day of training, and when I went to post the blog, it froze, and wiped it all out!  I was so irritated, I just couldn’t come back to it, until today. 


Today is our 5th day of training – we started on Monday.  At the outset, I believed the first two or three days would be the hardest, then Rudy would stop whining and fighting me, and things would start to get a little easier.  Well, not exactly!!


Day 2 and 3 were actually the easiest so far.  Rudy seemed to whine a little less, and he seemed to be making pretty good progress on his head halti.  I started to think – ok, he is getting the hang of this, and starting to realize that I am in charge.  I was feeling like a good confident leader.  Then, bam!!  Yesterday happened. 


Suddenly, Rudy decides he has had enough.  He starts attacking the blankets in his crate – whipping them around with force, and tearing them up as much as he can.  He is shaking his head back and forth and making all kinds of racket in the crate.  So, I cover the crate up hoping to settle him back down.  He is supposed to be learning how to relax by staying in his crate – so that he is not so nervous, pacing around the house, and acting all anxious.  Instead, he is acting out.  He barks and flings himself against the crate whenever the Tigger walks by it!  He does his play bow, and then lets out a loud bark – clearly overstimulated by the cat.  Problem is – Tigger misses his buddy, who he loves antagonizing, and keeps rubbing up against the damn crate!  I’ve started “shooshing” the cat away from it – but he goes right back up the crate, and meows at the dog, then looks at me, like “hey – let him out of there!” 


I haven’t really slept since Saturday, and am starting to get pretty cranky.  I am trying my hardest not to let that negative energy affect our training when I take Rudy out of the crate to work on head halti.  But, then we get outside yesterday, and bam!  Rudy has decided he hates the halti!!  So now, instead of walking next to me, he is pulling backwards and shaking his head.  I keep making him sit, we move one step forward and he starts the backward movement again.  Then, he starts flipping himself around in the air, and acting like an idiot.  He is barking and shaking, and try to get his head out of the halti.  This goes on almost the entire 25 minutes we are supposed to be training.  I am so frustrated (and over-tired) that by the end, I am crying like an idiot.  All I want to do when we are outside is spend the time training him because that is the only time I get to have him out of the crate – but I can’t even enjoy him or the training because he is fighting me so hard!! I am frustrated, angry, and trying really hard not to explode.


I keep trying to move him forward, but we aren’t making any progress.  Then I look up, and I see Danielle – my friend and neighbor.   She is doing the same program with Rhonda with her dog Cash.  Cash is walking all nice by her side, and they are having this quiet, peaceful walk and training session.  It irritates me even more.  I want to enjoy my dog, I want to cuddle him, and run with him, and take him for a hike.  But no, I am feeding him his dinner then shoving him right back in the crate again.  I am frustrated and pissed off.  Rudy is whining and the husband makes some comment about the poor dog being in Shawshank.  Day 4 of training ends with me crying and listening to Rudy whine.  I lay in bed unable to fall asleep again and really wonder if any of this is going to get better. 

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